“For Equal Rights” Educational Center NGO

“For Equal Rights” NGO has been launched as a civic initiative since 2013. Later on, in 2016 the initiative enlarged the scope of its activities and was registered as an NGO. The mission of FER is:

  • To PROMOTE the development of civic consciousness, enhancing values based on rule of law, creation of culture of discussions and debates by enlarging the opportunities of freedom of speech and pluralism.
  • To STIMULATE youth and CSO participation in soc ...
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Latest Events

Latest Programms

“Public Oversightr”

The main aim of the program called “Public Oversight” is to reveal the main issues related to public institutions, state budget expenditures, corruption risks, efficiency and accountability through small scale journalistic investigations, comprehensive overview and research, as well as to consider series of other issues which need public control.

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Public Oversight


Series of interviews with the heads of Governmental institutions.

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“Life in the Margins. Human Stories”

“Life in the Margins. Human Stories” is a series of feature, analytic and investigative articles referring to the human rights issues of the vulnerable groups of Armenian society. The project is aimed at raising issues related to the lives of excluded and neglected people and helping them to overcome the indifference of the society.

The project is implemented with the financial support of “Open Society Foundations – Armenia”. The views and analysis in each of the articles reflect the ideas of the authors and are not approved by the OSF-Armenia or its Board. www.aravot.am news agency has provided the project with an online platform to publish the articles free of charge.

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“Round Table”

“Round Table” is a weekly TV program being streamed on Yerkir Media TV channel. The TV program is a discussion reflecting on political, social and economic hot topics. The project is being implemented with the financial support of the “Open Society Foundations – Armenia” in the frameworks of “Media Support” grant scheme.

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Round Table